Ryan McArthur

My name is Ryan McArthur and I am a media contributor at Very Barrie Colts. I also work for Draft Prospects Hockey (Draft Pro) as a scout/media contributor. I have a major passion for hockey and enjoy watching minor midget AAA (OHL draft year), OHL, and NHL games. My main passion in life is for my career as a Chartered Professional Accountant, but lots of my leisure time is spent watching hockey games and tracking hockey news. My twitter account handle is @ryanpmcarthur, where you will find tons of posts about OHL prospects, NHL prospects, and the Barrie Colts. You might notice my jersey (in the picture above) is from the 1995-1996 inaugural season. I attended the first ever Barrie Colts game at the Barrie (Dunlop) Arena, which has been demolished and is now the location of Barrie's main fire-hall. The Colts teams from the early days were my favorite, but I am very engaged in tracking the current team. I've always had a good handle on what the Colts have in terms of prospects, and I will write plenty of articles about that. I hope you enjoy my blog contributions, and most importantly  GO COLTS GO!!!! 

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  1. I am in procession of one of the 5 prints from the colts inaugural year. 1995.
    Artist dave barrer. Am wondering its value