The @OHLBarrieColts 20th Anniversary Goal Song!

Right now the Official Barrie Colts website has a poll giving us fans a chance to select the new goal theme for the teams upcoming 20th Anniversary Season!

If you had trouble seeing it, the poll is on the lower right hand side of the page where you can select your choice as well as see how well your selection is doing in the poll.

Here are the songs listed that you can vote for! Know that we made it so that you can click each song to hear each song to make it easier for you to pick the song that you would like to hear when the Colts score!

So go to right now to vote and make sure that your song wins! 

Last night we took to Twitter to voice our personal suggestion. 
 We were not alone in this thought considering moments later the tweet was not only fav'ed by Andrew WK himself, but he was kind enough to throw us a follow!

Here is the song if you aren't familiar with it.

Do you agree with us and Mr. W.K? If so, take to Twitter and use the Hashtag #ColtsThemePartyHard!

Do you not like either our suggestion or the Colts ones either? Well let us know what you think will make for a great goal song for this season! Either let us know in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter

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