To know hockey is to love hockey. Unlike football or baseball or basketball or soccer, there aren’t a ton of casual hockey fans. Hockey inspires a love, a loyalty and an obsession among its fans that has no rival in the sports world.

When it comes to hockey there is no more skilled league than the NHL, it is the showcase for the greatest talent on ice anywhere in the world.

Players, however, don’t magically appear in the NHL. They all have a road that takes them from their childhood rinks and backyard ponds to the big show. For more than half of the players in the NHL that path includes a stop in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL).

This blog is a celebration of one of those many CHL stops – the Barrie Colts.

Junior hockey isn’t the NHL and this blog isn’t TSN. But like junior hockey, we hope this blog represents an unbridled passion for the game.

Like the kids in the CHL, our contributors aren’t getting rich doing this. They contribute to this blog because they are passionate about hockey, passionate about the CHL and most of all – passionate about the Barrie Colts.

We hope this blog informs and entertains, we hope it distracts you from your daily worries, we hope it makes you chuckle at our silly photoshops and most of all we hope it inspires you to love hockey the way we love hockey.


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