We love cats. This has been a page we have had since we launched in 2014. Who loves cats more? Street Cats Rescue, and they need your help!

Street Cats Rescue needs your help! We are currently facing some major financial struggles & for the first time in the history of this fantastic organization, cats have to wait for medical attention. All monies raised go directly to the care of the cats. Street Cats manage their finances responsibly, yet there is seldom much in the way of excess funds. But there is never a shortage of innocent cats that need our help.

Street Cats Rescue is staffed 100% by volunteers & at any given time, we are caring for 100+ cats. We operate with a "no-kill" policy. We advocate humane euthanasia only for the terminally ill where the quality of life has been severely compromised, with no hope of improvement. Street Cats consists of a physical shelter and a network of foster homes. In both areas, we utilize techniques & protocols that keep illness & stress levels to a minimum. Everything we do is designed to put the cats first....their comfort & welfare is paramount to our work. We are the voice of these animals, but without financial assistance, that voice will be silenced. Please help us.


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UPDATED: We are happy to add THE 65th PLAYER, Mack Guzda, to the litter!