A Look at the Barrie Colts after 10 Games. #OHL

The Barrie Colts have finished the first 10 games of the 2015-16 season with a winning record. In this post we are going to take a look at how the team has looked through these first 10 games and compare it to how they looked at this point last year. 

Record after 10 Games.
After the first 10 games of the season the Colts have a 6-4-0-0 record. Not a terrible. I mean, it is enough that they currently hold the top spot in the Central Division but if you look at it compared to any other Division you will realize it isn't that impressive. If the Colts and their 12 points were any other division they would not look so strong. Sure, if they were in the East Division it would be enough to tie them in 3rd but if they were in the Western Conference they would be stuck in the middle of the pack. 

Last season at this time the Colts had a 6-3-1-0 record. 

Goals For/Goals Against.
Barrie has scored 28 goals and have allowed 25 goals against. 

Their 28 goals has them tied in 4th in the OHL for the fewest across the league while last season after 10 games the team had 44 goals. No doubt the loss of former captain Joseph Blandisi and missing Brendan Lemieux on the Power Play for most of the early season has really cut into the teams goal production. 

25 goals against is the 4th least goals allowed in the OHL. One thing has been clear this season and that is that Mackenzie Blackwood is looking to stop everything. No doubt he will carry most the games this season and the way he is playing it would be silly not to let him start when he wants. Last season after 10 games the Colts allowed 37 goals. 

So the Colts might not be putting up the numbers they did at this time last year the plus is they are not allowing as many goals against. 

The goals are not reflecting the shot attempts here. Though the Colts have only managed to score 28 goals after 10 games compared to 44 after 10 games in the previous season, the Colts are getting the same amount of shots on goal. Actually, right now the Colts are generating an average of 33.5 shots on goal a game. Last seasons average was 32.93. Se either the Colts are not getting the same quality chances or just not getting lucky. 

34.5 shots against a game is the average this season which is a fair jump from the 32.78 shots against they averaged a game last season. Though, penalties are still an issue this season, they are a little more disciplined this season this season from last which we will look at next.. No doubt less man advantages against are helping shots against the Colts. 

33.5 shots for is 6th most in the OHL and they are shooting with a 8.358% success rate which the 4th worst in the league.

Special Teams. 
Last season the Colts had the most penalties in the OHL. By the end of the season they had 100 minutes more than the team with the second most. 

So far they have managed to stay out of the box a little bit in comparison to this time last season. They have also been really strong on the penalty kill. So far they have allowed only 3 goals on 40 penalty kills. Last year after 6 games they allowed 12 goals on 56 penalty kills. 

Right now Barrie has gone 9 for 47 on the power play. Last season after 10 games they had went 13 for 52 on the power play. 

Leading Scorers.
Courtesy of OHL Official site
Courtesy of OHL Official site

BMC Attendance. 
Here is a comparison between the first 6 home games at BMC this season compared to last season. 

2015-16 so far has seen 20,737 fans over the first 6 games. That is an average of 3456 fans a game. 

2014-15 attendance through 6 games was 19, 171 for an average of 3195 fans a game. 

Minus some faces and a huge cut in goal production there are many comparisons from the beginning of this season and last. It is good to see that an attempt and improving discipline from last season is being made. Goaltending was strong last year and this year seems to also be getting better. One area the Colts will need to improve will be goal production. 16 less goals is big and the team will really need to find a way to get pucks in the net. Either through power play adjustments or maybe some moves up front. Right now they are only averaging 2.8 goals a game which is a big drop from the 4.4 the were averaging this time last year. 

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