UPDATED: Barrie Colts Trotting Towards a Possible Playoff Spot: Schedules and Scenarios. #OHL

*We will continue to update as the games progress*

Right now there is a fight for the final spots in the Eastern Conference OHL playoff race. As of right now, the Hamilton Bulldogs hold the sixth spot with 55 points while the Peterborough Petes are in eighth place with 53 points. The Barrie Colts are in ninth place with 48 points.

Here is the breakdown of the teams fighting for those final three spots.

6: Hamilton Bulldogs. 57 points with 12 games remaining.
7: North Bay Battalion. 55 points with 13 games remaining.
8: Peterborough Petes. 53 points with 13 games remaining.
9. Barrie Colts. 50 points with 13 games remaining.

While the Colts are a little behind these teams, with 13 games remaining there is still a chance that they can slide into a playoff spot.  Let's take a look at each of these teams remaining schedule, and their record this season vs their competition.

Hamilton Bulldogs.


@ Ottawa 0-2-1-0 - L
VS Peterborough 3-2-1-0 W
VS Barrie 2-1-0-0 W
@ London 0-0-0-0 L
VS Saginaw 0-1-0-0
VS Sudbury 0-1-0-0
VS Ottawa 0-2-1-0
VS London 0-0-0-0
VS Kitchener 1-0-0-0
@ Mississauga 4-1-0-0
VS Sudbury 0-1-0-0
@ North Bay 1-2-0-0
@ Sudbury 0-1-0-0

Hamilton has a 6-10-1-0 record VS the teams included in their final stretch. In this final run, the team has 6 home games and 3 on the road. While their home and away record is pretty even, they have a slightly better win record on the road. With that being said, they are about to start a run of playing 5 consecutive games at home which could be an advantage for them not having to travel. 

North Bay Battalion.

VS Mississauga 2-2-0-0 OTL
@ Ottawa 1-2-0-0 L
@ Sarnia 0-0-1-0 L
@ Windsor 0-1-0-0
@ London 1-0-0-0
VS Owen Sound 0-0-0-1
VS Niagara 2-2-0-0
VS Sudbury 2-5-0-0
VS Barrie 4-1-0-0
@ Oshawa 1-2-0-0
VS Peterborough 1-2-0-0
VS Hamilton 2-1-0-0
@ Mississauga 2-2-0-0
VS Niagara 2-2-0-0

North Bay has a 17-18-0-1 record VS the teams they play to close out the regular season. They have lost all three games to start this final stretch. Seven of these games are at home while four are on the road. The team has been better at home so having a few more home games will be an advantage for them.

Peterborough Petes.

@ Hamilton 3-3-0-0 - L
VS Niagara 1-1-0-0 L
VS London 0-1-0-0 W
@ Niagara 1-1-0-0
VS Kingston 5-1-0-0
@ Windsor 1-0-0-0
@ Flint 1-0-0-0
@ Saginaw 0-1-0-0
VS Kingston 5-1-0-0
@ Barrie 1-0-0-0
@ North Bay 2-1-0-0
VS Ottawa 2-2-0-1
@ Ottawa 2-2-0-1
VS Sudbury 1-2-0-0

Peterborough plays games against the three other mentioned teams in this final stretch as well. They also have some tough competition facing Niagara and Ottawa a couple of times. However, Peterborough has a 21-11-0-2 against these teams. That is a win percentage of 62% which is the best VS remaining opponents of all these teams. It is worth mentioning that their record VS Kingston really pads this number. Peterborough has four home and seven road games. At home, they are 16-12 while on the road they are 9-17 this season. A disadvantage will be having more road games than at home. 

Barrie Colts.

VS Kingston 3-0-0-0 - W
@ Hamilton 1-2-0-0 L
VS Saginaw 1-0-0-0 L
@ Sudbury 2-3-1-0 W
VS Sudbury 2-3-1-0
VS Ottawa 0-3-0-0
@ Mississauga 2-1-1-0
VS Niagara 1-2-0-0
@ North Bay 1-4-0-0
VS Peterborough 1-0-0-0
@ Niagara 1-2-0-0
@ Owen Sound 2-2-1-0
VS Niagara 1-2-0-0
@ Mississauga 2-1-1-0

Barrie has a 13-20-4-0 record VS these remaining teams. Outside the games VS teams fighting for a playoff spot, you have to think the three games VS Niagara will be the biggest test. Barrie's final games are split evenly with five at home and five on the road. Barries record at home is 11-15 compared to a 10-17 record on the road this season.

While hockey is not as predictable as breaking down remaining opponents, these numbers help tell us that while it doesn't seem likely, the Colts still have a chance of making the playoffs. If they can capitalize on the North Bay, Hamilton and Peterborough games, that could go a long way building confidence against the other opponents. Time will tell if the team has what it takes to fight through this final stretch.

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