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Construx Nunchux. The "blog" that got me into blogging. Run with two of my best friends Paul and Ian Clemente. At CXNX you can find everything from Top 10 lists to a few Web Shows. Lobster Lobby, PB&J Nightmares, Woods Madness and more!
Twitter: Construx Nunchux, Paul Clemente and Ian Insect
Facebook: Construx Nunchux

Run by my good friend Brian, this is possibly one of my favorite blogs. Brian has been a huge part behind the scenes helping me with A Very Barrie Colts Blog. He also gave me my first opportunity to appear on a podcast. If you are a video game fan, this page is a must fallow!

Twitter: 1-Up
Facebook: 1-Up

A weekly podcast by my friend Steve McLean and Brian Thompson get together to talk about the latest happenings in the OHL along with special guests. These guys put together a great show and if you are an OHL fan, or just a hockey fan they are a must listen! 

Twitter: OHL Fanboys

A blog I contribute to. The Bloggers’ Tribune, a site that provides sports bloggers with a platform to connect with the world. The Bloggers’ Tribune publishes opinions from sports fans and provides unique conversations for the sports community. Through a variety of contributors, with a focus on the hockey world, The Bloggers’ Tribune brings fans together and tries to open up discussions about the games they love.
Twitter: The Bloggers' Tribune

 One of my first and dearest friends on Twitter. Chicks who dig Hockey is exactly what you would guess it is. It is about chicks, who dig hockey. Great writing and an even better human. She offers insight, opinions and is as beautiful as she is kind. She is also part of the PI family. A must follow for any hockey fan!
Twitter: Chicks Dig Hockey

Game Block is a blog that covers video games. Lots of content from reviews, opinions, podcasts and way more! Follow to keep up with what games you need and which ones are not as necessary. A very well run site that is easy to navigate through and a must follow for any gamer!
Twitter: ContraRyan
YouTube: Game Block

Barrie Wrestling is a great local wrestling promotion here in the Barrie/Simcoe County area. They put on a show here in Barrie on the first Saturday of each month. Be sure to check them out and follow them on social media to keep up with the latest news on show times, dates and much more! 
Facebook: Barrie Wrestling

Covering the latest news and opinion around the Winnipeg Jets franchise. Great group with of humans with a wide knowledge and insightful opinions of the game. If you are a fan of the Jets or even just the game then they are a must follow.
Facebook: Arctic Ice Hockey

Check out our buddy Darius' YouTube page which is filled with great/original video highlights of the Mississauga Steelheads and other OHL teams! Great guy and excellent videos! He also has a page with a pile of OHL goal horns and teams from other leagues!
Twitter: @Domingues_19
YouTube: Steelheads.
YouTube: Goal horns. 

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