Happy #InternationalCatDay! Cat Heads and Please HELP Street Cats Rescue.

Today is International Cat Day! What does that mean, exactly? We are not sure. Just a day likely used to give cat people an excuse to share cat pictures. If you have followed us for a while, you know we have no issues with that logic! 

For over five years, we have put cat heads on Barrie Colts players and alumni. We do it for a couple of reasons.
1: Our founder loves cats.
2: We like to use the cat head pages to raise awareness to local cat shelters. Each page has information and links to organizations in Barrie that help cats.

With today being International Cat Day, it seems like a great excuse to add some new cats to the litter! Here they are.

You can see these players and the rest in our pages in the main menu. Here are links to both!

As mentioned above we like to try and raise awareness to local cat shelters. Street Cats Rescue is one that really could use some help. 

Street Cats Rescue is staffed 100% by volunteers and at any given time we are caring for 100+ cats. They operate with a no-kill policy while advocating humane euthanasia only for the terminally ill cats where the quality of life has been severely compromised. Street Cats consists of a physical shelter as well as a network of foster homes. 

As mentioned, they are run by people who donate their time. Caring for so many cats, while giving them required medical attention is incredibly expensive. Below is a way that you can make a donation to help theme provide these needed services. If you are able, please make a donation.

We also have our cat head logo available at our online shop. Click the image below if you are interested in purchasing the shirt. All money we make off sales will be donated to Street Cats Rescue. 


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