Barrie Colts unveil 3rd jersey at Hockey Night in Barrie.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown with Steven Stamkos (pic from Mr. Brown's Official Twitter) 

Last night the Barrie Colts unveiled their new 3rd jersey that they will be wearing through this upcoming season. It was announced the other day that as part of the 20th anniversary season of the Colts that a 3rd jersey would be used.

At Hockey Night in Barrie 7 last night the Colts Alumni team displayed the jerseys for the first time. It should be noted (for nonsensical purposes) that the team won the game, so as it stands any team wearing these jerseys is undefeated. This obviously means nothing but we wouldn't be a blog if we didn't over read into everything.

When news broke that there would be new jerseys we decided to make up our own ideas of what they might look like. We could not have been further from what they had designed. How do you think ours compare though? (Not at all in our opinion..)

What do you think of the new jerseys? Are you a fan of the "vintage" look or do you think it is silly for a team that is on 20 years to use a jersey that reflects on a style that was around way before they existed? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Here are some pictures of the jersey I got last night as well to help influence your decision.


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