(UPDATE ON ANDREW) Furry Friends FOUND 'A Smile for Andrew'.

For those of you who remember, earlier this year we tried to help raise funds for a cat named Andrew. Andrew was taken in by Furry Friends who was a big suck but due to dental issues he was not able to be adopted. Andrew was cute and sweet enough but needed teeth. After raising money and help from not only the people at Furry Friends but also readers and followers it was made possible and now Andrew has a winning smile to match his great personality. 

So, what is next? 

Andrew is ready for a home! Here is a description of Andrew from Verena, one of the incredible people who make Furry Friends the incredible place it is.  
Andrew - Orange, 5 to 10 years, Short hair, male. Andrew has lived at the shelter for a few years now! He was born outside, and spent his early days fending for himself! Adjustment to shelter life was slow, but, now he is just one of the gang! His favourite spot is in your lap, alone, not sharing! He wants his person all to himself! Thanks to generous donors, he has had the dental surgery he needed and is good to go! His new family will need to feed him a soft food diet, which he will not complain about! Loves his wet food! He is a bit shy and timid, so a quiet home would be best! He does not seem to require the company of other cats! Just craves human attention! He gives back 110%! He is truly a shelter favorite, and we will miss him dearly, but he needs a loving home to call his own! Is that yours?
Stephanie from Furry Friends who has watched Andrew come in as a wild cat says his growth has been incredible and that he is a sweet cat who loves cuddles. She added that though he is eating dry food he eats mostly wet which generally is better, especially for male cats. She finished by saying that he likes other cats but LOVES human interaction.

If you are interested in adopting Andrew, or any of the cats  Here is their contact info Furry Friends

Original post as well as ways to help the Incredible people at Furry Friends! 

As some of you may have seen, last week we were excited to announce that we will be trying to help the good people at Furry Friends out! Whether it be with raising awareness to events, needs that the shelter had, adoption or anything really!

If you missed it and want more info on Furry Friends, here is all you need to know! Included in the link are links, info on the non profit shelter, ways to donate, how and where to adopt, volunteer and more.

Right now our friends at Furry Friends need your help! One of their cats is in desperate need of dental work. First, meet Andrew!

Andrew has recently turned 6. He has been at Furry Friends for 4 of those years. Unfortunately, Andrew has been in the back of the shelter where cats that are generally not believed to be the "adoptable type". Often these cats are afraid of people, don't like to be picked up or pet. Andrew on the other hand is not back there for any of those reasons. He is very friendly and LOVES to be pet. Other than his desperate need for dental attention he is in good health. 

Andrew can not be put in a situation where he may be adopted until his dental issue is corrected and like all the cats, the good people at Furry Friends want to help him find his forever home! 

Furry Friends has raised $400 dollars so far with their Christmas Candles Fundraising and our Halloween Basket Fundraising but still have a bit of work to do in hopes of raising the final $1000.

We will also be donating 100% of the money we receive in the "Donate to this blog" which can be seen on the side of the blog.  

If you can help out in anyway please do! Even a RT on Twitter or a SHARE on Facebook can go a long way! Every little bit helps. 

If you are able to help even with a small donation, please visit this link! A Smile for Andrew. 

Please remember that all the money donated goes directly to the cause so your donation will be used as it should. 

We will also have a widget on the side of the website in case you are unable to donate now but wish to come back later so it is easier for you to find. 

Thank you for reading and and thank you if you shared the post or donated. Hopefully soon with your help Andrew will look like this! (But less creepy...) 

SO PLEASE, SHARE AND DONATE IF YOU ARE ABLE!https://www.greedygiver.com/campaigns/A-Smile-For-Andrew

Thank you.


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