Our favorite Photoshops from this @OHLBarrieColts Season. #OHL

 One of my favorite parts of running this site is making photoshops. Having done this for Pens Initiative and Construx Nunchux in previous years it has really allowed me to reach a point that I can put together almost anything my brain can think up.

And all season, we have gotten so GREAT feedback on some of the photoshops. Whether it be the "Colts as Cats' post, the "Colts for Cupid", the Colts as album covers post or just random images put together for fun.

Here is some of those images. I have compiled some of my favorite ones from this past season.

OHL Trade Deadline Day.

This one of Cartman from South Park was made for the OHL trade deadline this season as well as the "Kit Kat Count Down". Basically over the final 2 hours we shared the Kit Kat image above and with each passing half hour we removed a piece of kit kat.. What inspired this? I just wanted a Kit Kat at the time..

Colts for Cupid.

One of our most popular posts was the 'Colts for Cupid' post we did for Valentines day. This was a lot of fun but was a tough one to put together. The images were a cake walk but the finding silly puns with player names proved to be difficult. The images above are a few that were my personal favorite. To view the entire post click here!

Barrie Colts on Album Covers.

Another fun post we did where we took players and added them to album covers. Of the 5 these 2 were my favorite. I LOVE the Andrew Mangiapane on Andrew W.K and the name "Hooey and the Blowfish" always makes me laugh. To see the other images click here!

Colts as Cats.

Our most questioned AND popular post on the site. Colts as Cats. People don't understand why I put cat heads on players and yet, people keep clicking the link. It is funny.. They are humans with cat heads. Don't put much thought into it because that will ruin what is meant to be a brain dead and fun post. Here are a few of the images in the post and if you wish to see the entire Colts as Cats roster, click here! 


Learning how to make GIF's was not intended as a tool to poke fun at other teams but it did kind of turn out that way. These were made in good fun. 


What were your fav's from this season? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook Page or on Twitter!

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