#EKBLADforCALDER images. #NHL @FlaPanthers

Over the past few months we started our own #EKBLADforCALDER campaign. If first began on our Instagram page which can be seen here.

What was intended on being maybe one or two pictures has grown into.. Well, a lot of pictures. Most of them just normal images; some of them MAY be a little silly but all of them serve the same purpose; To raise more awareness to the Calder Trophy worthy season that Aaron Ekblad had.

How can you help the cause? Well, if you are voting for the Calder Trophy winner, YOU COULD VOTE FOR EKBLAD!

However, most (if not all of you) are not in that position. So you can help by using the #EKBLADforCALDER hash tag on Twitter and Facebook!

There also a saying about pictures and a thousand words.. Anyways, here are pictures you can use in support of Aaron Ekblad.

These images vary from our #EKBLADforCALDER campaign; to pictures made while he was a Barrie Colt and even a few images that may make zero sense... Enjoy!


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