Very Barrie Colts and Charlie Horse 'Minion' pictures from Hearst, Ontario trip!

For those who have been keeping track, we did our annual trip to Hearst, Ontario!

In our last post we mentioned how we would return with some pictures of the trip to and in Hearst from Barrie and we were finally able to "develop" the pictures!

There were SO MANY pictures but we decided to pick a few of our Favorited ones that included photobombs from Charlie Horse's "Minion".

Enjoy, and yes this is meant to be silly.

Somewhere between Barrie and Hearst is this huge cow! 
Cochrane was clear not to climb up the polar bear, Charlie.. 
I don't recall this statue on last years Hearst, Trip.. 
Clearly he feels he can climb up everything.. 
He had trouble understanding French and the French had troubles understanding 'minion'.
The water was cool but the scenery was juuuuust riiight! 
He had to be carried everywhere. I blame his short legs. 
He wants to borrow my cat shirt but won't buy it? 
Not a great jumper.. 
Not a Giroux fan but he still insisted on this picture.. 
Made some friends at a farm!
If he didn't love the Colts so much he might not have come home! 


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