Barrie Fantasy Hockey League on RTV Barrie. #BFHL #TeamNoble

For those of you who have been following, we (Ryan Noble) have been lucky enough to be included in on a fun project on Rogers TV Barrie.

A little while ago I was contacted and discussed putting together a show that covers a local fantasy hockey league. The idea would be named 'Barrie Fantasy Hockey League'. The prize? Bragging rights as well as claiming the Simcoe Trophies Cup!

Here we are a week removed from the fantasy draft which aired last Monday on RTV Barrie. Click here to check out a clip from that episode.

If you would like to watch the first episode in its entirety you can on the Rogers site if you are a Rogers subscriber by clicking here.

If you don't have a Rogers login you will be able to watch the episode which will air again on RTV Barrie this Monday, September the 28th at 10pm.

On October, 3rd at 10pm the first episode will air from the RTV Studio in Barrie with host Brad Terry with a few of the team captains. We will be sure to try and post who will appear on that first episode.

Some of the other guest/teams are names you Colt fans should recognize. Both Mike Webster and Brandon Prophet of the Barrie Colts have teams. Also voices of the Colts Gene Pereira, Craig Ripley and Brad Terry have teams as well as the amazing Melissa Hamilton from the Colts organization. Here is the complete list of team names participating on the show!

To keep up with scheduling and the league you can follow the page at the RTV site here. Feel free to share the page and give it a like at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to get in on the discussion you can do so on social media by using the #BFHL hashtag on Twitter which has already started! Be sure to use the hashtag of the team you are cheering for! (#TeamNoble.. obviously)

For those of you who have already made it clear you are #TeamNoble, here is a look at my roster.

And I know the A Very Barrie Colt fans out there will be supporting #TeamNoble during the league! When I win, I will be sure to invite you all to the parade I will hold through downtown Barrie. Here is a spoiler into how that might look.. And enjoy!


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