Joseph Blandisi is the first NHL player to dive! #derp

Last night social media exploded all over itself when Joseph Blandisi was the first player in NHL history to dive in an attempt to draw a call. “I never got swung at like that before, but I guess I could've done something to avoid that penalty,” said Blandisi to reporters following the game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Blandisi also added "I guess maybe I wanted to make sure the ref saw it and I took it too far," Blandisi also took to his Twitter account to appologise to his fans for taking advantage of the rules. Which not many would own up to.

So before we take this one moment and use it to decide what type of player Joseph Blandisi is, lets take a look at the dive.

Pretty bad, right? I mean, what kind of player would do something so sad? 

Yes.. Sean Avery was that type of player as we see him give himself a piledriver in this video, but he has a history of being that kind of guy. I mean remember that time he just stood in front of an elite goaltender like Martin Brodeur and swung his arms in his face so he couldn't see the puck? A disgrace to the game! A great goalie like Marty B should not have had someone take advantage of rules like that against him. 

Wow, Jagr killed both Avery and Marty B! Or, both just sold contact in an attempt to hopefully get a call in their teams favour. This still cant be common though.. 

Even the best players in the NHL do this. 

Lots of players do this. Is it right? No.. But the league needs to find a way to stop players from this. As long as there is a loophole, people will try to take advantage of it and all the way from Joseph Blandisi to Sidney Crosby, players WILL continue to do this. Star players, grinders, call ups, rookies and beer league players. Blandisi has 4 goals and 11 assists over 19 games in his first year since getting signed by the devils. He has the skill and like a lot of these players and moments, fans will forget it. 

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  1. Blandisi is hilarious both in the frequency and exageration of his dives. In 3 years he's the only player Battalion fans made up diving score signs for. He had a legendary diving game.