Final 4 games of the Barrie Colts 2015-16 regular season. #OHL

This week is the final week of games for the Barrie Colts before the beginning of the OHL Playoffs. So far, Barrie sits in a pretty sweet spot having already won the Central Division. And, though it seemed doubtful at the "10 games mark" there is still a chance the Colts could finish first in the Conference. At the time, Kingston was riding a pretty hot 8 game win streak but since then they have not had much success over the last couple of games. If they can keep this trend, and the Colts can keep winning it is possible for them to take the top spot. (Not likely..)

Since writing our "A Look at the Barrie Colts final 10 games of the season" post, the Colts have been red hot. The Colts have won the first 6 of their final 10 games and are currently undefeated in their last 7 games.

To add to the momentum this team currently has, Kevin Labanc recently beat the teams single season points record, him and Andrew Mangiapane have both reached 100 points on the season for a second season straight and Dylan Sadowy has reached 40 goals for hiss second consecutive season.

Oh, and did we mention that Kevin Labanc still leads the league with 124 points?

So is it possible for the Colts to finish out the final 10 games of the season with a clean sweep? Lets look.

2nd in Eastern Conference/ 1st in Central Division
Record: 42-20-0-2
Last 10: 8-2-0-0


Tuesday, March 15 @ Peterborough
Record against this season: 1-1
Goals for: 5
Goals against: 2
6th in Eastern Conference/ 3rd in East Division
Record: 31-27-2-5
Last 10: 4-5-0-1

Wednesday, March 16 @ Ottawa
Record against this season: 2-1
Goals for: 10
Goals against: 6
5th in Eastern Conference/ 2nd in East Division
Record: 33-29-2-1
Last 10: 4-5-1-0

Saturday, March 19 VS Sudbury
Record against this season: 7-0
Goals for: 41
Goals against: 16
10th in Eastern Conference/ 5th in Central Division
Record: 16-44-4-1
Last 10: 1-8-1-0

Sunday, March 20 @ North Bay
Record against this season: 2-3
Goals for: 25
Goals against: 23
3rd in Eastern Conference/ 2nd in Central Division
Record: 32-23-6-4
Last 10: 3-5-2-0
all stats as of 3/14/16

The Colts have a winning record against 3 out of 4 of these teams and the team that has beaten them more this season currently is in a bit of a rough patch.

The Colts still CAN take first in the Conference but it would require them to win all of their games and Kingston would need to lose all of their games in regulation. They have 3 games remaining and they play against Niagara, Oshawa and Hamilton. Maybe not the toughest competition across these games but you never know what can happen.

If the standings remain the same though, Barrie would start the playoffs against Mississauga but a lot can change still. The 7th and 4th place spot in the East are only separated by 4 points and all those teams have 3 games remaining on the season.

Of the 3 teams we mentioned, who would you rather the Colts face in round 1 of the playoffs and how do you think the Colts will match up against them? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter or Facebook page

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