Our favourite Barrie Colts themed photoshops from the 2015-16 season! #OHL

Another season in the books and the A Very Barrie Colts Blog staff (ryan) will get some blogging holidays. And by holidays, we mean he will sit at the computer waiting for OHL/Colts things to write about.

This was a great season not only for the Colts, but for us at the blog. From getting the chance to appear (and win) on Rogers TV's new show 'Barrie Fantasy Hockey League' to getting opportunities to write for our friends at The Dock, we have been presented with opportunities that we are truly humbled by and VERY grateful for. Without all of you who read, share, like, comment, critique, troll and follow, we probably would never have gotten these chances so thank you!

Last year we did a "Photoshops of the past season" post that was a lot of fun and seemed to do very well with readers so we thought as a thank you, we would do it again! We won't put all the pictures from some of the categories to prevent this post from being too big, but we have provided links in case you want to see more! Also, note that this is a year removed from our last post from last season featuring the photoshops from the previous year...

Thank you again to all of you and here is hoping for a great off season and a BArrie Colts team that is ready to go all the way! GO COLTS!

Ekblad for Calder

There wasn't really a post for this but we made a bunch of these and put them all over social media. The cookie one was just for fun. Oh and by the way, he won.. 

Goon 2

Goon 2 filmed parts at the Barrie Molson Centre. We did a post looking at how the movie would look if it featured Barrie Colts' players. Check it out here

NASA Lucky Charms Planet

Nasa released pictures of Pluto which may or may not be a planet. Image were released showing there was what appeared to be a heart on the Planet/weird floating space rock. We saw that as an opportunity for a fun post. Check it out here! 

Charlie Horse Minion trip to Hearst

On our annual trip to Hearst, Ontario we took many pictures. With the Minions being popular at the time, we made a post that featured our pictures taken with what we called the "Charlie Horse Minion". Silly post? Maybe.. Stupid? Probably! But it was a lot of fun. Check it out here!

Colts on Classic Video Games

We love video games.. We did a post that included Barrie Colts players in classic video games. Check it out here!

Back to the Future Day

There was a day, and it was in the future, but it was in a movie so it wasn't a real day yet. Until it actually happened. The future might not have looked like the movies made us think it would but our photoshops on Back to the Future day were SPOT ON! Check them out here! 

Classic Christmas Movies starring Colts

Christmas time we wanted to see what Colts might look like on classic movie posters. I don't think anyone was disappointed. Check it out here! 

Colts on Classic Hockey video games

 Remember we said we liked video games? Well we also did a post with Barrie Colts on classic hockey video games. Check it out here!

Colts on Valentine's Day E-Cards

For the second year straight we mad Valentines E-Cards featuring Barrie Colts players. Check it out here!

Colts on Classic NHL Cards

We started putting Barrie Colts on classic NHL cards. This was pretty popular and ended up having 3 different posts this year and is one we are already planning on continuing moving forward. Check out all the collections here! 

Random ones


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