Who remembers our hunt for the Charlie Horse minion from last summer in Hearst, Ontario? Well this years annual trip north had us searching for something different. Like many, we have become OBSESSED with the new Pokemon Go App. And once we learned about the RARE Barrie Colts themed Pokemon, Colta, we HAD to try and catch him! Though we were not able to catch him, we felt it would be fun to share some of our screenshots of the hunt in the tiny town!

*This post is meant to be fun. There is no Colta. Please, just enjoy some of the pictures from our trip and try not to take this too seriously because we are not!*

Welcome to Hearst, Ontario! Hometown of Claude Giroux! 

Tried to catch him at the Hospital. No luck.. 

Found him in a convenience store parking lot. He trotted off.. AGAIN! 

Same parking lot he found a horse on a garbage can. Things almost got messy!

In a school parking lot. Colta didn't take kindly to the "No Snowmobile" sign. 

Visited a family farm. Colta ate some carrots and got the required energy to yet again run away.. 

Abandoned old corner store. 

Tried to catch him at the dump. Bears there must have scared him away. 

We all need fuel but I am sure Colta just came to tease me. Ran away.. 

Wood industry is HUGE in Hearst. Colta was obviously checking out the heavy duty equipment! 

No Colta that is not the Colts team bus!

Villeneuve is a huge construction company based out of Hearst. Colta trotted around there for a while. 

Tried to catch him at night... No luck.

Next morning I tried again in the same lake but again he got away. Pretty skilled considering he isn't a water Pokemon.