A Keigan Goetz Appreciation Post! #OHL @keigangoetz

This post is a Keigan Goetz appreciation post!

Why should you love Goetz?

1. He is about to play in his first full season with the Barrie Colts since being acquired from the Greyhounds.

2. In 139 OHL regular season games he has totaled 25 assists and 46 points.

3. He shoots right. I also shoot right. We both shoot the right way!

4. He is from New Hamburg, Ontario. Former NHL analyst Howie Meeker was raised there. They also apparently hold a Canada day duck race there. That sounds incredible and I would love to one day hear more about how that event is from him.

5. Consistently puts up points while being one of the more aggressive players in the league.

6. His last name sounds like 'Gates', not 'goats'. When I first saw him, I called him goats.. I was wrong..

7. He is not afraid to let a crummy little blog know when they failed to mention him in a team preview for the upcoming OHL season.
8. Since our re-branding, he was the first (and only so far) addition to our 'Players with Cat Heads' post and we think he looks amazing!

9. He isn't full of himself. HE could have easily used caps lock on his initials in his Twitter handle but he is clearly above that (@keigangoetz) just like me! (@ryannoble66)

10. He probably hates too much flattery and long lists and we will respect that by ending this list here.

Remember, that sometimes we may not appear to be, this blog will always be a Goat-er... Goetz fan! Best of luck this season and we hope we can be friends!

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