A New Very Barrie Colts Blog!

Welcome to the new Very Barrie Colts Blog!

What is different?
Not much, really! We tried to keep a very similar flow to the site. All that really has been changed is we have added all our new image work (that we did months ago) and took out some of the "clunky" parts. Only noticeable difference is less ads and less moving graphics in the background.

Why change? 
We noticed 2 things about the old site.
1. It was so slow.
2. Mobile site was terrible. Yep, terrible.
We wanted to make the site run quicker. To do that, we had to remove some things like the old background and extra gadgets on the side which cause for more load time. The performance of this site is much quicker, while keeping the same feel we had. Also, many aspects on the mobile end didn't work. Videos, player stats and other things. This new site runs much faster and is a lot more mobile friendly.

We appreciate all of you who come to the site and share our stuff and hope that none of these changes effect your enjoyment while on our little corner of the internet. We know, functionally, this is a big improvement!

Works in progress:
Our search bar is giving us some problems. We will have this fixed over the next couple of days. IF you need a post, contact me and I will hook you up! (This won't happen..)

Other than this issue..

Play around with the site! If you have any issues or run into something that doesn't seem to work right, let us know and we will address it as soon as possible!

Thank you for the continued support,
- The AVBCB staff! (Ryan..)

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