Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers trailer w/shots from Barrie Molson Centre.

The Goon 2:Last of the Enforcers first teaser trailer has been released. As many of you know, a good chunk of the hockey in the film was shot at the Colts home, Barrie Molson Centre. We have tried to capture a few of the shots of the arena which are pretty quick in the trailer.

Most of the filming was done in August of 2015 and if you went to Hockey Night in Barrie that year you might remember them filming the crowd to use for in the movie itself. So if you were there, be sure to look for yourself when the movie is released.

You might also remember us doing a post looking at how Barrie Colts players might look in the movie. Though most of those players have moved on, it is still a pretty fun post to look over again. A fun post that encluded former Colts like Joseph Blandisi, Brendan Lemieux and more!
Check it out here.  

Anyways, here are some pictures of BMC from the trailer, and the trailer itself! Enjoy!


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