A Quick look at the Barrie Colts 2017-18 regular season schedule.

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The Barrie Colts are set to kick off their 2017-18 regular season at home against the Ottawa 67’s on Thursday September 21st, 2017. Here is a quick look at how this year’s schedule looks, and how it compares to last season. If you have yet to see the schedule, click here.

3 in 3's
The most stand out thing to me was that Barrie has 9 3 in 3’s this season. So basically, there will be 9 times this year where Barrie will have to play 3 games in 3 consecutive nights. Last season, a popular complaint among Colts fans was the amount of times the team played 3 nights straight.

How does this compare to last season? How many 3 in 3’s did they have last year?

11. 11 times last season, the Colts played 3 games straight. From January 19th to February 11th, the team played 6 consecutive 3 in 3s. In that time, they won 4 games and lost 14. They were swept 3 times over those matchups. Over those games total they had an 8 W – 25L record over those 33 games. 

11 3 in 3’s totals 33 games. That is almost half of the 68-game regular season. Here is a complete breakdown of these games broke down last year.

Oct 13-15 1W-2L
Oct 27-29 1W-2L
Nov24-26 1W-2L
Jan 5-7 2W-1L
Jan 13-15 0W-3L
Jan 19-21 1W-2L
Jan 27-28 0W-3L
Feb2-4 0W-3L
Feb 9-11 1W-2L (6th 3 in 3 straight)
Feb23-25 0W-3L
Mar 9-11 1W-2L
Total:8 wins 25 losses.

Now, was this the reason the Colts had such a bad season? No. The team was a young team that had lost most of its top producers. It isn't unrealistic to think that it didn't help their chances of finding success and playing with energy, but to place the blame on it would be overlooking all the areas the Colts need to improve as a team.

Home vs Road games
One not so terrible area on their schedule is the fact that the team has 4 times where they will have 3 straight home games. Their longest road stretch is 4 games, but that only happens one time on the schedule. Last season, 10 of their 17 wins were on home ice.

Afternoon games
The schedule this year has Barrie playing in 6 afternoon games, not including a 10:30am start in Hamilton in February.

These are just a couple takeaways from the schedule. It is nice that the team will have less 3 in 3's this year and hopefully, with a stronger team Barrie can find a way to have a more successful season. 

What do you think of the Colts schedule this season? Do you think they have too many back to back games or is that just part of the OHL grind? Let us know in the comments, or on social media! 


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