Barrie Colts and Christian Propp have fun with classic Billy Smith image. #OHL #NHL

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It was announced at the beginning of August that 4-time Stanley Cup Championship goaltender Billy Smith would become the Barrie Colts new Director of Goaltending.

On New Years Day, announced the list of top NHL players of all time and ‘Battlin’ Billy Smith made the list! For some fans, that might be the first time you saw this classic image of Billy sitting in a lawn chair, sipping on what appears to be iced tea (I could be, and am likely wrong..) in full gear. The image was taken by Getty Images and can be seen below.

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This image was going around on Twitter the other day and I thought it would be fun to make a challenge to the Barrie Colts.

We all had a good laugh on Twitter over how great it would be to see Christian Propp recreate the image and then the next day, the team tweeted this at me.

I will be honest, Propp did a pretty great job of recreating the classic image and big "propps" to the team for having fun with it! If the team wasn't easy enough to love before, they make it even easier with their great social media team! Thanks to Propp and the Ponies for having fun with us!

Now, the only question left is who wore it better? Propp or Smith?


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