The 2017-18 Pony Award Winners. #OHL

This year, our team voted on awards. Each contributor was to list 3 players in order who they felt should win each award. After the votes were made, we assigned a number to each vote. 1st selection earned 3 points, 2nd earned 2 and 3rd earned 1. We tallied up the results to come up with the winner and the player with the most points won and the runner ups made the honourable mentions category.

And the winners are...

The Colin Behenna Award: Most Improved Player
Jaden Peca

Congratulations to Jaden Peca! The 2016-17 season saw Jaden put up 1 goal and 6 assists over 56 games played, with a -15 on the season. This year, Jaden managed to put up 31 assists while totaling 47 points over 64 regular season games. Jaden added depth to a team with a lot of talent up front this season.

Honourable mentions: Jason Willms, Zach Magwood and Joey Keane.
Peca 14pts
Willms 5pts
Magwood 5pts
Keane 5pts

We included all 3 runner ups because there was a 3-way tie. 

The Joseph Blandisi Award: Fan Favourite (voted for online)
Justin Murray

Congratulations to Justin Murray! This is Justin's 2nd Joseph Blandisi award, after winning the fan vote at last years Pony Awards.

Honourable mentions: Christopher Cameron and Jason Willms.
Justin Murray 58% of the votes.
Christopher Cameron 29%
Jason Willms 4%

The Aaron Ekblad Award: Rookie of the Year
Andrei Svechnikov

Congratulations to Andrei Svechnikov! This was a close vote but to look back at the season and where Svechnikov and Suzuki stand compared to other Colts rookies, Svechnikov was the obvious choice. His 72 points was the 3rd best among Colts rookies in team history. He also holds the all time record for Colts rookies with 40 goals. Though, Suzuki holds up well against other rookies, Svechnikov had the better season, statistically.

Honourable mentions: Ryan Suzuki and Nathan Allensen.
Svechnikov 15pts
Suzuki 13pts
Allensen 4pts

The Mark Scheifele Award: Most Valuable Player
Aaron Luchuk

Congratulations to Aaron Luchuk! Aaron scored 22 goals, totaling 42 points over 38 games with the Colts. He finished the season with 50 goals and 65 assists.

Honourable mentions: Andrei Svechnikov, Joey Keane and Dmitry Sokolov.
Luchuk 12pts
Svechnikov 8pts
Keane / Sokolov 5pts

The Luch Nasato Award: Hardest hitter
Tyler Tucker

This was a unanimous decision and honestly, a no brainer. Congratulations to Tyler Tucker, the 1st winner of the Luch Nasato award!

Honourable mentions: Zach Magwood and Christopher Cameron.
Tucker 15pts
Magwood 8pts
Cameron 4pts

Thank you to the entire A Very Barrie Colts Blog contributors for contributing. Ryan McArthur, Justin Stapelton, Paul Clemente, Sebastian Jackson, Sam Hossack and Ryan Noble.

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