2018-2019 Barrie Colts Depth Chart #OHL

2018-2019 Barrie Colts Depth Chart
By: Ryan McArthur (Twitter: @ryanpmcarthur)


Most Barrie Colts fans would agree that the off-season came too early. There was so much hope for the 2017-18 squad, but unfortunately the season ended in the second round of the playoffs. The good news is that there are high hopes for the future. The 2018-19 Barrie Colts project to be very strong and I've drafted a depth chart ahead of training camp for next season.

The depth chart consists of all the players currently signed with the Barrie Colts plus the best prospects in the organization. Please read below for assumptions used to create this chart and analysis by position.


The first thing needed to create this depth chart was to make assumptions. My first assumption was that the Colts will draft, and then sign two import forwards (to be acquired in the 2018 CHL Import Draft). Barrie is very good at making connections overseas and I expect them to acquire two pretty solid forwards.

The second assumption was that Andrei Svechnikov and Dmitry Sokolov will turn pro. It would be incredibly lucky to see either of them in a Colts uniform next season. Let’s hope that the Detroit Red Wings draft Andrei Svechnikov, since they tend to over-ripen their prospects. However, even Detroit would likely insert Svechnikov into their lineup next season. Expect Dmitry Sokolov to be playing in either the KHL or AHL. He could make the NHL, but that seems unlikely to me.

The third assumption was that one of the three eligible overage forwards will be traded. It's also possible that they end up moving Murray. This depends on what the team’s plans are, but I’m projecting they trade a forward (Hawerchuk, Chiodo or Magwood).


Once you consider the three assumptions above, things look very interesting at forward. The Colts have Fleming and LePage who are 2001 born prospects. These players are likely to take a serious run at the squad. Piercey (2002 born first round draft pick) will make the team and I don’t think the Colts will only carry one 2002 born forward. I’d fully expect them to carry two or three from this age group (likely Russell and/or Foerster). Add in some solid showings from free agent invites and/or former draft picks and this could lead to some intriguing battles. There might be some current players released or traded depending on who looks good at camp. Expect to see a very heated competition for forward spots come August. Note: I'd be shocked if there isn't at least one player (and likely more) from the "depth" section (or not even listed) playing for the Barrie Colts next season.

Left Wing
Right Wing
Chiodo/Hawerchuk* ('98)
Suzuki (2001)
Magwood* (1998)
Import #1**
Willms (1999)
Peca (1999)
Rhodes (2000)
Import #2**
Piercey (2002)
LePage (2001)
Bignell (2000)
Brown (1999)

Foerster (2002)
Russell (2002)

Depth: Heitzner (1999), Testa-Basi (2002), Fleming (2001), Hughes (2002), Beck (2002), Fedak (2001), Pringle (2001) Taylor (2000), Sutherland (2002), Coronato (2002), Hanley (2002), Moerch-Karlstad (2002), Schaly (2001), Degazon (2000)

* overage player - likely going to be a trade involving one of these players (projecting it will be Hawerchuk, Chiodo, or Magwood).

** projecting that the Colts add two import forwards to the roster in the CHL import draft

Wildcards: Jack McBain (2000) and Ian MacLean (2000). These prospects appear to be set on the NCAA route. However, if either of these players attended camp, it would shake things up big time.


There will be a battle at camp for defensive depth roster spots. The top six appears locked down, but the final two spots will be contested. I’d imagine the Colts want to have at least one 2002 born defenceman on the squad. D'Orazio likely has the inside track there. Overall, expect to see fierce competition for the last two spots. .

Left Defenceman
Right Defenceman
Allensen (2001)
Keane (1999)
Murray* (1998)
Tucker (2000)
Hill (2001)
Cameron (1999)
D'Orazio (2002)

Depth: Hadfield (2000), Gurney (2000), Japchen (2001), Charlebois (2001), Devlin (2002), Marino (2002), Sredl (2002), Nicastro (2000), Cassaro (1999), DeJong (2000), Japchen (2001), Cosway (2000)

* overage player - likely going to be a trade involving one of these players (projecting it will be Hawerchuk, Chiodo, or Magwood).


Goaltending appears to be set. Edmonds and Greaves are expected to be manning the crease for the Colts next season. The Colts will likely carry two goalies and have their top depth goaltender play in Aurora or somewhere else in the junior ranks.

Kai Edmonds (2000)
Jet Greaves (2001)

Depth: Charleson (2000), Howe (2001), Robillard (2002), Molu (2002), Filippetti (2001)


There’s plenty to be decided at the 2018-19 Barrie Colts training camp. The high level of competition will be fun to watch in August when training camp starts. There’s usually one or two major surprises that completely shake things up. The Colts are great at finding free agent gems (most famously, Andrew Mangiapane) and who knows what they have in store for next season. Don't forget about potential trades. Based on the depth in the organization, it wouldn't surprise me if some movement happened in the summer.

Believe it or not, the hockey season isn’t over for some Colts prospects. The OHL Gold Cup runs from May 3-6 in Kitchener, Ontario. Eight players from the Colts prospect pool have been invited. Good luck to Riley Piercey, Tyson Foerster, Eric Russell, Rocco Testa-Basi, Austin D’Orazio, Ryan Beck, Aidan Hughes and Reid Oliver. Hockey Canada scouts/management will have their eyes on these guys. Hopefully a few of them make it to the U17 program (part of Hockey Canada’s Program of Excellence).

Enjoy the summer Colts fans! See you in August for training camp!

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