Water on Mars and the Barrie Colts?

We pride ourselves in covering a little more than just hockey at the blog. You might remember a post we did just over 3 years ago to the day called NASA, The Barrie Colts, Charlie Horse and the "Lucky Charms Planet". This post is along those lines.

*This post is for fun. Not to be taken seriously, just enjoy*

Mars has been a pain in the glutes of scientists a long time. Though, many have hopes of one day creating a new society on Mars; scientists have not been able to prove one important requirement to sustain life on the planet, and that is water.

Sure, they have assumed that water exists on the red planet. Images of basins and valleys have shown areas where water could have been, but no signs of H20. Even surface landers on the planet have shown signs of ice deposits which also suggests there there is either some form of liquid water and ice. Though these discoveries show there is, or was likely water, it wasn't substantial proof. There has been no distinct evidence to support there IS water, until today.

Today, the Italian Space Agency announced that new research shows that there is in fact a large body of water that exists one mile below ice towards the planets south pole. Basically, the discovery was made using  the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft. What this does is it sends low-frequency electromagnetic waves towards Mars. The frequency hits the planet, goes beneath the surface and transmits those signals back to the spacecraft. Images and sounds can be obtained with this process So, the instrument was pointed directly at the ice caps to obtain this information. Kind of like a laser pointer, but not availible at Dollarama.

Here is an artistic impression of how the process looks.


This has been ongoing since 2012, and will take longer before they will be able to actually capture images of the water itself. This is obviously a huge discovery, not only for the science community but for those hoping to one day live on the planet. 

We did a little research of our own. With an image we came across on Google of the ice surface that is towards Mars' south pole, like we did with pluto, we wanted to take a look closer at what might also be there. What we found... Well, have a look! 

Here is the original image we looked at. We did a zoom and noticed something on the ice. We marked it for you in the image to make it more clear. 

Our incredible image team was able to zoom in further to try and make out what it was that we saw on the ice. 

CHARLIE HORSE! How does he get on all of these planets? 

Though we felt this was enough, we did one last zoom..... What we found was, well, ironic.. 

If you made it this far, thanks for hanging in there! We promise to have better hockey content soon but we hope you enjoyed a little stupidity in your day. Who knew that it was actually Colts that were from Mars? 

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