Updated 2018-2019 Barrie Colts Depth Chart (Pre-Training Camp) #OHL

Updated 2018-2019 Barrie Colts Depth Chart (Pre-Training Camp)
By: Ryan McArthur (Twitter: @ryanpmcarthur)


The depth chart below is my current projection of the 2018-2019 Barrie Colts roster. This is a pre-training camp depth chart and I will be updating it during camp (which runs from August 28-30). Training camp performances, player commitments, and trades will ultimately decide who earns a spot on the roster to start the 2018-2019 campaign.


The first thing needed to create this depth chart was to make assumptions. My first assumption was that Andrei Svechnikov and Dmitry Sokolov will be turning pro. It would be incredibly lucky to see either of them in a Colts uniform next season.

The second assumption is that one of three overage forwards will be traded, or Zach Magwood will turn pro. However, the Colts could end up moving Murray on defence. It depends what the team’s plans are, but I’m projecting they trade a forward (Hawerchuk, Chiodo or Magwood), or Zach Magwood turns pro.

The third and final assumption is that Jack McBain and Ian MacLean will be choosing to go the NCAA route.


The depth chart for forwards has changed significantly since the first version I posted on April 25th (SEE HERE). I really like the top three draft picks from 2018 (Piercey, Foerster, and Russell) and have them making the team. Connor LePage (2001 fourth round pick) has also impressed me and he has made my depth chart. A strong training camp will be critical for three or four current Colts forwards, and all rookies looking to make the team. Training camp will be when the team is made and this depth chart is very tight in the final five or six roster spots for forwards.

With Luchuk, Svechnikov, and Sokolov turning pro, there is a ton of scoring subtracted from the Colts lineup. A trade for 1999 scorer would be a good idea, preferably someone with size. My top two trade targets are Jason Robertson and Matt Strome. Other potential suitors include: Brady Gilmour, Morgan Frost, Gabe Villardi, Ryan McLeod, Owen Tippett, Brett Neumann, and Mackenzie Entwhistle. Each of these players are rumoured to be available or their team is in a position to sell assets this season. Signing Matej Pekar (Import pick from Czech Republic) would also go a long way to help replace last years’ big three.

Left Wing
     Right Wing
Chiodo* (1998)
Suzuki (2001)
     Magwood or Hawerchuk *
Brown (1999)
Willms (1999)
     Peca (1999)
Rhodes (2000)
Bignell (2000)  
     Piercey (2002)
LePage (2001)
Foerster '02
     Russell (2002)

Probably carry 14 forwards, therefore, one more from depth players below:
Depth: Pekar (Import pick - unsigned - 2000)Nate Hanley (2002)Schaly (2001), Kyle Heitzner (2017-2018 player needs a strong training camp), Fleming (2001), Hughes (2002), Beck (2002), Matt Coronado (2002), Testa-Basi (2002), Fedak (2001), Sutherland (2002), Del Vecchio (2000), Pringle (2001)
OR a surprise camp standout!!!
*overage players – assumed that one player will be traded, OR Zach Magwood will turn pro


There will be a battle for defensive depth. The top six appears locked down, but the final two spots will be contested. I’d imagine the Colts want to have at least one 2002 born defenceman on the squad. Austin D’Orazio appears to be the guy - his skating is so smooth, and I really appreciate his overall game. However, I expect to see fierce competition for those last two spots. I think Victor Hadfield is in tough for the final defensive spot.

Left Defenceman
Right Defenceman
Allensen (2001)
Keane (1999)
Murray* (1998)
Tucker (2000)
Hill (2001)
Cameron (1999)
D'Orazio (2002)

Probably carry eight defencemen, therefore, one from depth players below:
Depth: Hadfield (2017-2018 player needs a strong training camp - 2000), Marino (2002)Arseneault (2001), Charlebois (2001), Japchen (2001), Nicastro (2000), Devlin (2002), Sredl (2002), Gurney (2000)
OR a surprise camp standout!!!


Goaltending appears to be set. Edmonds and Greaves will make the team and I’d expect them to be manning the crease for the Colts this season. Expect the Colts to carry two goalies and if Zhukov signs then they will carry three (at least to start the season or until a suitable trade can be made).

Kai Edmonds (2000)
Jet Greaves (2001)

Depth: Zhukov (Import pick - unsigned - 1999), Robillard (2002), Molu (2002), Filippetti (2001), Charleson (2000), Howe (2001)
OR a surprise camp standout!!!

There’s plenty to be excited about for the 2018-2019 training camp. The high level of competition will be fun to watch. There are usually one or two major surprises that completely shake things up. The Colts are great at finding free agent gems (most famously, Andrew Mangiapane) and who knows what management has in store for the fans. There are guys attending camp that I have never heard of which is very exciting for me. Therefore, this depth chart might change during camp.

Enjoy the summer Colts fans! See you all from August 28-30 for training camp. Get out there and watch, because you won’t want to miss the action. For hardcore fans, this is the best part of the year besides playoffs.



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