Barrie Colts at NHL Camps.

NHL camps are kicking off this week! Here is the list of the 7 Barrie Colts players that will be attending camps.

Tyler Tucker at St. Louis Blues camp.
Drafted in 2018/ 7th Round; 200 overall by Blues.

Lucas Chiodo at Columbus Blue Jackets camp.
FA invite.

Zach Magwood at Nashville Predators camp. 
Signed as FA by Predators.

Joey Keane at New York Rangers camp.
Drafted in 2018/ 3rd round; 88 overall by Rangers. 

Maxsim Zhukov at Vegas Golden Knights camp.
Drafted in 2017/ 4th round; 96 overall by Vegas.

Matej Pekar at Buffalo Sabres camp.
Drafted in 2018/ 4th round; 94 overall by Sabres.

Jason Willms at Chicago Blackhawks camp.
FA invite.

Best of luck to all the Colts players at NHL camp! 

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