The Barrie Colts: A Look Ahead

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With seven 2001 and three 2002 born players on the roster, the Colts are built to contend in the 2020-2021 season. At this year’s deadline, the team seemed to have put this plan into motion by moving key veterans such as Joey Keane and Lucas Chiodo. In this article we will take a look at what the Colts have coming into next season, some of the top prospects in the organization, as well as some potential good fits early in the upcoming 2019 OHL draft.


Riley Piercey ‘02
Tyson Foerster ‘02
Ryan Suzuki ‘01
Peter Fleming ‘01
Dalton Duhart ‘01
Jake Partridge ‘01
Luke Bignell ‘00+
Matej Pekar ‘00
Sam Rhodes ‘00
Aidan Brown ‘99
Jake Tortora ‘99
Jason Willms ‘99

Top forward prospects (pre-2019 draft)
Eric Russell ‘02
Rocco Testa-Basi ‘02
Ryan Beck ‘02
Aidan Hughes ‘02
Matt Coronato (NCAA Commit) ‘02
Nate Hanley (NCAA Commit) ‘02

The Forward group led by Ryan Suzuki has some good young talent. Last years first rounder Riley Piercey has elevated his game as of late even with the limited role he is continued to be given. Third round pick Tyson Foerster will be another huge piece moving forward. Dalton Duhart who was acquired in the Joey Keane trade has good skill and can also be a big part of the Colts offensive attack in near future.

Jason Willms and Jake Tortora are locks for OA’s next year and will be counted on to lead the Colts as they continue to develop next season. Aidan Brown likely rounds out the OA picture and brings an important element to this Colts team. Matej Pekar will be an interesting story to follow as he can play AHL next season, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him back in Barrie. Rounding out the depth for the Colts are Sam Rhodes, Luke Bignell, Peter Fleming, and Jake Partridge. I’m sure some of these guys were expecting to have bigger seasons and I think with a good summer there is some strong potential in this group. Former Colt Justin Scott is a good one to look up to for these guys.

While there is lots of potential in this forward group and 12 eligible to return, there will likely be some changes. The team has a top 5 pick coming in April and I believe a forward is best at that spot. Hopefully, the Colts can sign a few of the Americans from the 2018 draft as well.

Matthew Sredl ‘02
Nathan Allensen ‘01
Matthew Hill ‘01
Jack York ‘00+
Tyler Tucker ‘00
Victor Hadfield ‘00
Chris Cameron ‘99

Top Defence Prospects (pre-2019 draft)

Austin D'Orazio ‘02
Noah Marino ‘02

There is a lot to like about this Colts blueline moving forward. They are a mobile and rugged group lead by St. Louis Blues prospect Tyler Tucker. Draft eligible Nathan Allensen, Matthew Hill and Jack York will be key to the team’s success the next two seasons.

After a rough start, Allensen has been solid since given a bigger role since the deadline. Jack York is a nice fit here in Barrie. York has something the team has lacked for quite a while, as he has that big booming slap shot from the point. Lastly, likely one of the most improved Colts this season has to be Matthew Hill. He is very good at puck retrieval and getting his stick into lanes. Lately has shown some improvement in his puck moving and offensive prowess as well. Hill is one to watch closely on the Colts blueline. Sredl has consistently improved since joining the team and should be a solid piece on the Colts blueline. Cameron is an OA option on the back end.

As for in the system, Austin D’Orazio is the top prospect currently drafted by the team. It would also make sense for the team to use one of their top 3 picks on a defenseman in the upcoming draft.


Jet Greaves ‘01
Kai Edmonds ‘00

Goalie prospects (pre-2019 draft)
Sami Molu ‘02
Jakob Robillard ‘02
Christian Filippetti ‘01

The team is set for the next few years in goal with Jet Greaves and Kai Edmonds. The only issue could be is both deserve to be full-time starters in the league. In the meantime, they have one of the best tandems in the league. There is some depth in the organization with OHL Cup champion Sami Molu and Jakob Robillard. U18 draft selection and Aurora Tigers goalie Christian Filippetti is another option next season.

 2019 OHL Draft

While the league certainly doesn’t make it easy to get this information, it is believed the Colts have Erie’s 2nd and 3rd round picks in the upcoming draft to go along with a likely top 5 pick in the first round. For a reference, I will be using our own draft rankings by Ryan McArthur. You can see the whole rankings here.

The draft is highly unpredictable and players mentioned here could be gone, or not even on the Colts radar. With that said, I believe players such as Brennan Othmann and Mason McTavish could be a good fit for the Colts as they are currently a little light in high end forwards. While both fill a need for the Colts, they do it in a different way. Here are some comments by Ryan on Each…

Mason McTavish:

“McTavish plays the game with an exceptional combination of skill and power. It's extremely difficult for opponents to knock him off the puck or break his stride. The strength he possesses is mind-boggling for this age group. Mason can also make really nice moves with very little space or room to maneuver. He is like a freight train coming through and he unleashes a very heavy shot off the rush off a quick release.” – Ryan McArthur

Brennan Othmann:

“Othmann is Shane Wright’s partner in crime. He is the perfect complement to Wright and they play extremely well together. Othmann is super sturdy and can bury the puck. His finishing touch is really high-end. Deceptive head fakes and quick hands are part of the equation. Othmann fools’ goalies and defenders to keep them off balance and on their heels.” – Ryan McArthur

In conclusion, there is a lot to look forward to in Colts country with this young team. With lots of high picks, there should be an infusion of young talent and a very competitive camp in August. In June a high import pick will also be used. This is an area the Colts have excelled at in recent years. In the meantime, let's enjoy the drive to the playoffs were currently enjoying. Follow along with all the remaining schedules and Scenarios Here. Go Colts Go!


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