Fan Vote: Best Barrie Colts Goalie Setup. Michael Hutchinson VS Jet Greaves. #OHL

We are excited to include a new feature here at the website! We will hold fan votes for a bunch of different Barrie Colts related topics. Here is how it will work. 

  • 8 entries in each vote.
  • Vote starts with 4 match-ups. Winner of each match moves on to next round. Basically, a playoff bracket.
  • You have 3 days to vote for each round. Once the time is up, we will announce the winner and begin the vote for the next match-up.
  • The final round will be a 5-day fan vote to decide the winner.

The first fan vote will be "Which Barrie Colts Goalie Had/Has the BEST Setup?". Basically, who's gear do you like more? 

The first match-up of Round 1 is Michael Hutchinson VS Jet Greaves. VOTE BELOW!


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