Things will get better in Colts Country.

(Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images)
As most Colts fans are probably aware at this point the team is in the midst of a 5 game losing streak. This losing streak has caused some fans to perhaps go a little overboard a bit given the circumstances. 

If the Colts were playing with a full roster and mailing it in every night, then there may be cause for concern. But that just isn't the case as the team has put in a solid effort every game. There has always been the saying don't blame injuries for a team's struggle, but that's exactly what we are going to do here.

It all started during a very successful weekend to Michigan where the Colts rolled over two very good western Conference clubs in Saginaw and Flint. During the game in Saginaw, the Colts first-line centre and best player Ryan Suzuki got a stick up in the eye and has been out for over 6 weeks now. Next up heading to the IR is Jacob Frasca. With Frasca out that is two of the Colts top 3 centres out of the lineup. But then it gets better as not long after recently acquired Dallas Stars prospect Nick Porco also gets lost due to illness. 

This weekend leading up to the games in Ottawa and Kingston the team also lost Sabres prospect, Matej Pekar, to the world Juniors camp. That makes 4 forwards out of the lineup when the team is currently only carrying 12. Prospect Vlad Dvurechenskii was called up to help as much as can be expected. During the last half of the Ottawa game, the Colts also lost Victor Hadfield to an undisclosed injury. 

There has also been some blame being put on management, but I'm not sure how a team missing 5 regular forwards, that include 3 NHL prospects puts anyone at blame. This Colts team is much better than this recent stretch and once they get healthy it would not be surprising to see them reel off a winning streak. 

(Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images)

Ryan Suzuki will return to the lineup tonight VS Mississauga and Nick Porco is close to returning. This should be a boost to the shorthanded Colts squad and allow the defensemen playing forward as of late to go back into their regular positions. Good on players such as Matthew Sredl, Chris Cameron, Jack York and Ian Lemieux who have filled in on forward during this stretch of injuries. Captain Jason Willms has lead by example and has truly been captain clutch and has lead the wounded Colts well.

The Colts have two games left before a much needed Christmas break starting with a home date against the Greyhounds Thursday and on the road in Mississauga on Friday. A packed Sadlon Arena Thursday night might be just what the Colts need. 

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