Colts for Cupid: 2019-20 Barrie Colts Valentines E-Cards #OHL

Valentine's Day is around the corner and as we have for the last five years, we've got you covered!

Did it creep up on you and you forgot the right card for your special someone and need SOMETHING, FAST!?

Is your loved one on a keto diet and carb-filled chocolate is not going to fit their macros?

Do you have all the feels but can't properly express them yourself to that special someone?

Have nobody but wish you could find a card to send to yourself to cheer yourself up?

Has your cat felt sad lately and you want to let them know you care?

Well, we are not sure that these will save you... However, they could make the special Colts fan in your life cheer up!

Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy! We have included roster players and some alumni. 


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