Please Support #HawerchukStrong 12 Days of Giving.


During Dale Hawerchuk's battle with Cancer and since his passing, Dale's son Eric and Hawerchuk Strong have done outstanding work. They have continued to raise awareness and support to many local charities, as well as in Winnipeg that was important to Dale. That will continue through the holiday season.

Hawerchuk Strong announced their '12 Days of Giving'. Through December 12th-23rd, the charities included in the above tweet will receive a minimum of $1,000 donation. As mentioned, these charities are in the Barrie/Simcoe area, Winnipeg and some additional charities.

If YOU would like to donate, please visit during this time for more info and to donate through the dates included. 

The website also continues to sell #HawerchukStrong merchandise to help charities that were important to Dale. There, you can always make a direct donation. Also, on top of the $1,000 each charity will receive, an additional $5 will be donated from each item sold on the website. So consider grabbing some merchandise and help these great causes.

We would like to thank Eric and Hawerchuk Strong for all the work they have done. The work they have done in Dale's honour has been inspiring and we encourage you to help out if you are able.

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