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  1. wooden gate hinge furniture
    Hinge material is stainless steel, pure copper, stainless iron/iron, household recommended to choose 304# stainless steel, can maintain the use of the door for a long time. It is not recommended to choose 202 immortal iron, although cheap, but the good and bad are intermixed, rust is very troublesome, looking for people to change the hinge of the artificial not only expensive, and trouble. Note that the hinge screw is also a matching stainless steel screw, can not be replaced by other screws. The hinge of pure copper suits costly log door, price reason does not suit general household.
    Now the electroplating technology is very mature, stainless steel also has all kinds of color appearance, can match the wooden door of different styles. Of course, it is best to take care of the drawing appearance, and some environmental protection, electroplating industry pollution is pretty severe.