The @OHLBarrieColts beat the @GoLondonKnights 4-3. #OHL

Last night the Barrie Colts defeated the London Knights 4-3 in a hard fought game. Despite being out shot and having spent a large part of the game killing penalties, the Colts managed to pull out the W.

Of the 7 goals scored, only one was scored at even strength and that was the opening goal by Hooey. 

The first period was the last time that the game looked even. Both teams walked (or skated..) out of it with 15 shots a piece. That could be attributed to the fact that the Colts spent half of the period on the Power Play. The Knights were actually pretty lucky not to leave this period trailing by more goals. 

The second and third period was mostly a massive mess. Both teams (especially Barrie) showed no discipline. 

Games like this can be fun to watch as a fan, both teams clearly hate each other and it really showed. As a coach, I am sure seeing things like these are frustrating..

1 - LDN M. Domi, 1:35 - High Sticking, 2 min (PP)
1 - BAR J. Blandisi, 1:48 - Holding Opp. Stick, 2 min (PP)
1 - LDN B. Gleason, 5:39 - High Sticking, 2 min (PP)
1 - BAR K. Labanc, 7:00 - Hooking, 2 min (PP)
1 - LDN D. Rymsha, 11:02 - Kneeing, 2 min (PP)
1 - LDN J. Bergman, 11:20 - PS_Foul from Behind, (57.3) (PS)
1 - LDN D. Mermis, 11:47 - Cross Checking, 2 min (PP)
2 - BAR J. Blandisi, 0:17 - Roughing, 2 min
2 - LDN C. Yakimowicz, 0:17 - Roughing, 2 min
2 - LDN C. Martenet, 0:57 - Hooking, 2 min (PP)
2 - BAR J. Carrick, 2:58 - Tripping, 2 min (PP)
2 - BAR G. Hooey, 3:36 - Cross Checking, 2 min (PP)
2 - BAR B. Lemieux, 8:00 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2 min
2 - LDN M. Domi, 8:00 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2 min
2 - BAR J. Laser, 9:17 - Tripping, 2 min
2 - LDN O. MacDonald, 9:17 - Unsportsmanlike Cnd., 2 min
2 - LDN M. Domi, 10:29 - Roughing, 2 min (PP)
2 - LDN C. Yakimowicz, 13:09 - Cross Checking, 2 min (PP)
2 - BAR A. Mangiapane, 17:03 - Hooking, 2 min (PP)
2 - LDN M. Domi, 17:58 - Slashing, 2 min (PP)
2 - BAR M. Webster, 18:48 - Slashing, 2 min (PP)
3 - BAR G. Hooey, 1:49 - Tripping, 2 min (PP)
3 - BAR J. Blandisi, 2:41 - Hooking, 2 min (PP)
3 - BAR G. Smith, 6:28 - Slashing, 2 min
3 - LDN B. Gleason, 6:28 - Slashing, 2 min
3 - BAR J. Blandisi, 8:54 - Hooking, 2 min (PP)
3 - BAR J. Carrick, 11:47 - Holding, 2 min (PP)
3 - BAR C. James, 17:26 - Fight-Inst. Upon, 5 min
3 - LDN B. Crawley, 17:26 - Tripping, 2 min (PP)
3 - LDN M. Rupert, 17:26 - Instigator, 2 min (PP)
3 - LDN M. Rupert, 17:26 - Fighting, 5 min
3 - LDN M. Rupert, 17:26 - Misc-Instigating, (46.10) 0 min
3 - LDN M. Rupert, 17:26 - Game Misc-Inst. (last 5:00), (46.11) 0 min
3 - BAR J. Laser, 19:56 - Roughing, 2 min
3 - LDN O. MacDonald, 19:56 - Roughing, 2 min

Joseph Blandisi walked out of the game with another 3 point night with 3 assists. Hooey got 2 goals. Andersson also put up 2 goals on the night he scored his first OHL goal. Kevin Labanc also got two helpers and Webster, Scott and Garcia were all credited with an assist each.

You can't help but wonder how this game would have looked had both teams not had 10 minor penalties each. And that doesn't included all the offsetting minor penalties that both teams took. As mentioned earlier, only the first goal was even strength. The rest were on the powerplay, minus the last Knight goal which was short handed.

Mac Blackwood was incredible again... It is clear that he is trying to prove himself in his draft year and the team has nothing but faith in him right now. And how can they not? He faced 50 shots last night compared to the 38 that his team put up at the other end. The Knights had multiple point blank chances on him and he denied them. The kid is playing at an unreal level right now and the prospect of him playing 60 games this season can't scare Colts fans.

Brendan Lemieux had a great game as well. Though his 2 game goal streak was put to an end he stepped up in other ways. Defending team mates is often as important as putting up goals. At one point Blandisi was given a hard time and Lemieux made sure that the Colts leading scorer was safe. Lemieux even fought to defend players. I can't say enough good about Brendan Lemieux. There are not enough players like him in the OHL or the NHL for that mater.

End of the day, the Colts got another win. Despite not showing any discipline and continuing to get out shot we keep getting W's. We can't expect to be so lucky forever though. We have been playing teams with losing records. If the Colts want to continue to have success they will need to smarten up. You cant take so many penalties and expect to win. You also need to do a better job of not being out shot so heavily. We know Blackwood is on fire, but we cant depend on him to be this incredible every night.

The Colts next game is tonight against the Sudbury Wolves at BMC. Tonight is also another alumni night and Blaine Down will be in attendance to be honoured and probably to sign some autographs. For more on Blain's time with the Colts, click here.

Puck Drop is at 7:30!


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