The Barrie Colts and the Trade Deadline. #OHL

Okay, the meme about the OHL trade deadline above is a bit of an exaggeration.. But it looks like everyone in the OHL who is a threat this year and their mothers are making big moves while the Colts are watching from the sidelines. While teams like the Otters, Bulls, Battalion, Generals and others are looking to and have started to improve their rosters, the Colts have yet to make any deals headed into the trade deadline. Just remember that because nothing has happened yet, doesn't mean they are trying or looking into options.

Though the Colts look good right now one can't help but think that a little more depth might be needed if they hope to make a deep playoff run. Many suggest that a top 6 forward would be something that the team could use while some thing that our blue line could use a little more support.

Personally I think if anything gets done, it should be up front. Defensively the Colts have been incredibly strong. The Colts have allowed the 7th fewest goals against in the OHL and though that can mostly be attributed to the solid play of Mac Blackwood, the blue line has been tough to beat as well. They are aggressive on the puck and on the body and they are never easy to play against.

As for goal production, the Colts currently have the 4th most goals for in the OHL with 160. Though that is respectable there is no doubt that they will need to maintain that momentum which can be tough as the season progresses. Adding to your strength up front in  the long run will help you in your own end. What is that old saying about the best defense being a strong offense? adding more depth to the top 6 would help a lot, especially with the amount of talent in the league right now.

Lets not get into who the Colts should go for. As fun as it is to start rumours we are not in that business here today. What we do know is that other teams are trying to improve. And if we want to have a decent run, we might want to consider the same thing.

One thing is for sure. Even if nothing is done, we are solid. We are riding a 7 game win streak, or top players are hot right now and our goaltending is even hotter. This season and even next season we look like we will be strong with the current roster. The only thing is being "solid" isn't always enough to win a championship.

The OHL trade deadline for overage players is noon on Thursday and for all other players it's at noon on Friday.

What do you think the Colts need to do before the deadline? Any players you would like to see them go for? Let us know in the comments, on our Facebook or on our Twitter

For more on this, check out this article at the Barrie Examiner from Gene Pereira about the trade deadline. As all of his work is, this is a solid read. Barrie Colts looking to deal before Friday's trade deadline

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