(Updated) Colts for Cupid: Check out these @OHLBarrieColts Valentines Day Cards! #OHL

Having trouble expressing your true feelings to that special someone in your life?

Do you have chocolates, and flowers but no words to express exactly how you feel without looking like a complete moron?

Did you snoop through your lovers browser history and realize they got you something wicked awesome and all you did was make the bed this morning and need something FAST!?

Well if your special someone is a Colts fan then we have you covered! (And myself because all I did was make the bed..)

Here are some Barrie Colts themed Valentines Cards that you can save and send to your loved one or even print off and give it to them! We have given you many to chose from so make sure to select the one that will keep you out of the dog house.. Or your partner happy, what ever your goal is!

Prevent the chances of making your voice go "horse" saying the wrong thing and let these cards speak for you!

We have added a couple extras as late Valentines day additions! Enjoy!


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