Christmas Movies starring Barrie Colts players. #OHL

You may remember last year when we put Barrie Colts players on Classic Christmas Movie Posters. We had so much fun with it that we decided we would bring it back this year!

Having used many of the best/our favourite movies made, this years we had to try a little harder so that we would bring mostly different players but more importantly we wanted to try and include different movies. We think we did a pretty good job of that!

It is early, but Merry Christmas from your favourite (probably the only one..) Barrie Colts blog!

Lucas Chiodo stars in 'Chodo Saves Christmas"

Cordell James and Charlie Horse star in 'The Muppet Christmas Caol'

David Ovsjannikov and Christian Propp star in 'Jingle all the Way 2'

Giordano Finoro stars in 'The Finoro'

Anthony Stefano stars in 'The Santa Clause'
(And 'but' is 'score' in french which is said when a player scores. In case you don't get our jokes..)


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